About Us

About Us


Our Primary parts like Ice Evaporator, Refrigeration Condenser, Water Pump, Hot Gas Solenoid Valve, Expansion Valves, Micro Processor Control Based PCB – supplied by world renowned Manufacturers and suppliers. So ICE MATIIC Ice Makers are very Durable. We make our Automatic Ice Making & Vending machines to suit our Indian Climate Conditions & Harsh weather / dusty environments We keep doing continuous innovation and R & D on products to improve our models more energy efficient, and affordable to all.


All our ice machines use environmental friendly non-CFC refrigerants. We make our Ice Makers with much energy saving & less water wastage Designs. We designed our Ice Makers with simple designs, easy-access ice storage cabinet, easy-to-clean ice-making system, simple electromechanical and intelligent electronic control for ease of operation. We have various ice types from cube ice machine, Bullet Ice for both home and commercial use and Models like Table top, Under Counter, Stand alone models with various ice storage capacities, for various Business needs ICE MATIIC Automatic ice makers can run 24 hours.

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